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January 2020
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Ano Potamia

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If I told you that the only reason to visit us, is the very good homemade food in a beautiful,
quiet, clean and green environment, such as our traditional tavern, I would have degraded our village, Potamia.

Potamia is a beautiful green and hospitable mountainous Cycladic village.
Combine your food in one of the best restaurants – taverns of Naxos, with:
Adventure, knowledge, recreation and relaxation and you can visit the area’s attractions.

Through this page we will try to get to know the beautiful and picturesque streets of our village
with the white Cycladic color. We also recommend that you walk along the walking path by the river
that crosses the orchards reaching to Kato Potamia. There you can admire the Venetian towers (Kokkos, Magakis),
the historic water source and the restored watermill of Gryllakis (the only one of the 14 that existed).

From the sites of archaeological interest you can visit the Venetian Castle of Potamia or “Upper Castle”
as it is called. The Geometric Cemetery of Tsikalarion (900-800 BC).
You can also visit the Kouros and the Daughter of Inks, two of the most notable monuments not only of Naxos
but also of Greece, following a beautiful walking path. And because we do not forget that the purpose
of the visit to our Island is the holiday we will inform you about the cleanest and most beautiful beaches
of our island.

Finally, our professional training, our many years of experience and the quality consistency we hope
will make your visit to our beautiful tavern unforgettable.

We are waiting for you, thank you !

A few words about us

A few words about us

Heading to the eastern part of Naxos and having travelled 8 km from the town centre, you meet a green valley and you reach the Ano Potamia village and our traditional greek reastaurant, called Pigi.

The name comes from the source of our area which is basically a fount (that’s what Pigi means in greek) the water of which  gives life to our gardens and trees.

The fount is at the entrance of the village right next to our restaurant and there begins a path where you can walk through trees and nature enjoying the picturesque surroundings.

Pigi,our restaurant,is an oasis for our guests and the locals, too,  as the water, the trees and the flowers, which surround our big yard,  are all you need to relax and enjoy good food.

It might not be the most typical part of cycladic architecture but there are so many surprises to expect that you will probably don’t even notice that!

 Our customers’ opinions :
 “All the vegetables used in Pigi were in season, fresh and grown in family gardens.

The salads and all the special dishes as well as the famous “ksinomizithra” (greek cheese) were by far the best thing we had ever tasted.

Roast meat and homemade recipes were so many that we couldn’t decide which one we should order ! .

Some of them are really worth mentioning like the roast meetballs made of thyme and the delicious tenderloin .

We were also impressed by the roast rooster. So tender and tasty we could’nt believe it ! And the most important of all : we didn’t regret anything even though our eating habits are different!

At the end , the barrel wine was a very good choice to accompany our meal.

The most important thing, though, is the service stuff which is quick , kind and willing to help whenever you need help !

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