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September 2023

Pigi Naxos Ano Potamia

Pigi Naxos Ano Potamia – Traditional tavern PigiPigi Naxos Ano Potamia

A Greek restaurant for our special guests

Welcome to our site. In our Greek restaurant “Pigi” , you can have the opportunity to taste a variety of traditional dishes and also admire our great view of the island and especially the village Ano Potamia.

Here, the perfect service is combined with our traditional cuisine with recipes which include fresh vegetables from our own gardens , freshly cooked food, chosen cheese , local wine , the so-called Greek product “tsipouro” and many tasty delicacies .

You will enjoy our friendly environment, the natural beauty , fresh air and of course our lovely fountain . Our service is always willing to help you and prepare roast food whenever you might want to .

You should definitely try our meatballs, gemista (tomatoes and peppers stuffed with rice), “kokoretsi”, ” frygadeli” (which we are really famous for !) steaks , chicken , roast rooster , fresh salads , homemade recipes and of course our potatoes ! Our menu also contains traditional desserts from Naxos.

You can contact us on +30 2285032292 to make a reservation for any kind of event as we are able to organize many social events such as birthdays , namedays etc.

Location and sights

We are really close to the center of Naxos and you can see the route on the map on our site .

It is also worth wandering in the traditional small streets and paths of Ano Potamia and see the water spring .
Don’t miss visiting our castle and the old watermill in Ano Potamia. You can walk near the little river ,which is surrounded by trees ,and admire the Venetian Castles as well as the great iourney on your way to Kouros

Enjoy through our photo gallery our tavern and the beautiful Potamia


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